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Who am I?

My name is Hishri Taha. I am 23 years old. I was born and currently living in Bizerte, Tunisia

What I am up to?

After graduating from the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Bizerte, I took 2 positions as an iOS, and I am currently an Android/iOS freelancer. I was involved in a couple of embedded systems projects, mainly bringing smartphones and development boards together. I believe in freedom and creativity and I love creating things from scratch; Hence, GNU/LINUX is my main OS and it is where I feel home. If I am not programming, I am usually playing video games, listening to heavy metal, or learning guitar.

Some of the things I enjoy and spent time working on include:


My favorite mobile platform. I have been enjoying android development for roughly 3 years and a half now.


Apple iOS

It is hard to imagine the smartphone industry without Apple. It took me 2 weeks to deliver my first project!


Embedded Systems

It is the IoT era, with almost everything around us becoming connected. Low-level programming and devices integration is the way to go.


the www

Back-end or front-end? who's to say, right? I think whichever you choose with JavaScript you are my friend!! I love PHP, my favorite framework is Laravel for APIs with NGINX running my servers!
Did I hear AngularJS?! :)

Wireless access redefined Access your phone, transfer files and conduct your conversations from any PC/MAC. WiSync for android
  • Wireless

    The only thing you are going to need is a WiFi connection, no USB cables, no Internet access required!

  • Secure

    WiSync provides 2 types of security:

    • Fingerprint or password authentication to make sure that only you can use the app.
    • WiSync works completely offline and uses 64-bit end-to-end encryption.

  • Light-weight

    Stream videos/music from your device to up to 3 PCs simultaneously while transfering other files and enjoy a smooth experience.

  • google play store logo Galaxy apps icon
Keep an eye on your data Monitoring and limiting your internet usage never been easier SmartSwitcher for android
  • Reliable

    Keeps and eye on your mobile data and Wi-Fi received and sent data, as well as installed apps internet access.

  • Flexible

    Adapt your apps behavior to fit you daily life, limit internet consumption by mobile data, Wi-Fi and even upload/download.

  • Light-weight

    Made with your phone battery life in mind, SmarSwitcher saves you battery life by reducing its resources need.

  • google play store logo Galaxy apps icon
When your smartphone meets Arduino If your project involves a smartphone, and Arduino board, both connected wirelessly, you came to the right place. AndroidLEDcontrol
android arduino MEGA
  • Connectivity


  • Requirements
    • Smartphone running Android 4.1 (JELLY_BEAN) or later
    • Arduino board
    • Bluetooth module
    • LEDs -depending on your project and needs-
  • Source code

    The complete arduino, android app source code and the steps you need to follow to implement them are available on my Github repo below.

  • Fork Source
The projects listed above are totally open-source for any one to use. Please read the license before usage.
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